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101 Zidane animations

Okay,I am not sure that it is 101 or anything, and the page can take some time to load, but here are a whole bunch of really funny and dump post world cup cutups...

Dumb Video from the world cup

Okay, I knew I would find it somewhere… here is the video of the France Captain flipping out and heading an Italian player into the ground.

Now you know how a coke machine works.

Every so often the imagery wizards behind the computers want to inform you… make you understand a complicated and difficult system and make it clear to those of us who are a little less...

Things to do with Diet Coke and Mentos

This qualifies as pretty darn dumb. These guys figured out that putting a mentos into a bottle of diet coke has some pretty interesting results. They have harnessed it and turned it into a...