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grand tour season 2

Second Lap of The Grand Tour

Sometimes the second time around isn’t quite as satisfying and your first go, and that is sort of how the second Season of the Grand Tour has turned out. Available through Amazon streaming, this...

seth mcfarlane the orville

For Trekkies an Unwelcome Pause

For Sci-fi fans and Trekkies, 2017 has been quite the banner year on TV. We didn’t get just one new show, we got two. Star Trek Discovery has been the talk of the town,...

elementary seasion 6

Elementary Fans Rejoice at Season 6 News

If you are a reader of this site, you know that I have been a pretty big fan of CBS’s show Elementary. A modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and...

seth mcfarlane's the orville

TV Back In Space with The Orville

It’s been quite a while since mainstream TV has had space themed show. It’s been a decade since the last, often lamented, Scott Bakula lead Star Trek Enterprise left the air, and there hasn’t...